Ένας τόπος γεμάτος χρώμα, χτισμένος όχι μόνο με πέτρα και ξύλο, αλλά και με φαντασία και αίσθηση μέτρησης και ισορροπίας. Οι βίλες είναι σύγχρονες, πολυτελείς και ευρύχωρες ώστε να ταιριάζουν σε όλα τα καλοκαιρινά σας όνειρα και να τα ζωντανέψουν.


At the Old Village you will enjoy warm hospitality, rest and relaxation. The three-room villas of 85 sq. m. each can accommodate between 4 and 6 persons and have 2 bedrooms, a bathroom and a WC, 2 private verandahs furnished with outdoor lounge and dining room suites, a living room and a fully equipped kitchen.


Discover our facilities: Garden, Sitting room, Air-condition, Barbecue, Parking, Car rental services and much more.


We promise you the few, simple, matter-of-course, yet rarely found ingredients of a dream holiday: harmony, good taste, tranquility, comfort, discretion, civility and exceptional service. Each one of our four comfortable, functional, and self-contained three-room villas, filled with light, decorated with taste and furnished with elegance is the ideal retreat waiting just for you.